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 Vachon's Favorite
Forever Knight Stories

 last updated 13 September, 2015

In The Context
  • The First Hunger (17K) by Javier Vachon
      Concurrent with 'Fever' — The Story I Could Never Tell To Tracy Vetter.

  • A Letter From Vachon (5K) by Lynn Messing
      Third Season — Every dog has its day, every argument its rebuttal.
      (Sequel to A Letter To Vachon.)

  • My Favorite Blonde (17K) by Bonnie Pardoe
      It's St. Valentine's Day and, somehow, Vachon has ended up with two dates for the evening.

  • NSFW: Of Demigods And Men (17K) by Bonnie Pardoe
      Concurrent with 'Fever' — A delirious Vachon flashes back to his first few months as a vampire.

  • Somewhere In The Night (3K) by L'Phantom
      Third Season — Is life a game of chess or a night at the opera? Do we play to win, or just to hear the music? The answer's out there, somewhere, but are we searching for it or running away from it?

  • Valentines (54K) by Bonnie Pardoe
      Concurrent with 'Human Factor' — Vachon occupies his mind while Tracy is overly busy with work.
      (A cross-over with "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.")

  • A Visit From Vachon (9K) by Terry Madden
      Post 'Fever' — Vachon shows up on Nick's doorstep ... bearing gifts.

  • Words And Meanings (398K) by Bonnie Rutledge
      Concurrent with 'Fever' — As Screed lays dying, Vachon recounts the circumstances under which he met the carouche, and later, the incidents that united them with Bourbon.

  • White Christmas (31K) by Bonnie Pardoe
      Post 'Fever' — Toronto seems to hold nothing but painful memories for Vachon now that Screed is gone, so he does the only thing he knows how to do: he leaves. But after nearly five hundred years, is there any place on Earth left to run?
      (Concurrent with Blue Christmas, Silver Bells, and Greensleeves.)

Time Out Of Mind
  • NSFW: Aperture (16K) by Isabella Saddler
      A modern-art photographer takes an interest in Vachon's form. But who is really studying whom?

  • NSFW: Death Warmed Over (26K) by Boo Revnan
      The warm night air is still and humid. Wouldn't you long for something cool to the touch?

  • NSFW: Epithalamion (40K) by Apache
      When you get married does your old life end and a new one begin? Ask Vachon, he knows all about endings and beginnings. But does he know about happily-ever-afters?

  • NSFW: Feverish (7K) by Bonnie Pardoe
      A skewed take on a missing scene from 'Fever.'

  • NSFW: Gift Of Flesh (14K) by Teresa Floyd and Trish Troupe
      It's Halloween, a night to hide behind a mask, pretending to be someone else, or to let the real you finally show-through. What will Vachon do? And who will he do it with?

  • NSFW: Houses Of The Holy (24K) by Bonnie Pardoe
      It's Halloween night and two amorous teenagers seek a bit of privacy in a condemned church.

  • NSFW: Renaissance Faire (15K) by Jayel Wylie
      If you can't get laid at the Ren Faire, as they say, then you just aren't trying.

  • Roadside Assistance (10K) by Erika Wilson
      Cars may be sexier with fins, but when it comes down to the wire, Nick was right: it's all about trunk space.

  • Same Old Lang Syne (35K) by Jennifer Nieboer
      Tracy and Vachon, still alive, have not seen each other in thirty years. Certainly, in all that time, things between them have changed, haven't they?

  • NSFW: Shade Of Pale (48K) by Isabella Saddler
      Some people seek love in all the wrong places — others seek death. Sometimes they find it, for better or worse, in sickness and in health.

  • NSFW: Taking A Dodge Out Of Hell (9K) by Jayel Wylie
      A seedy bar on the wrong side of the tracks: what better place to show a lady a good time?

  • The Vachon Song (4K) by Stephanie Babbitt
      What do you do when Beauty is the Beast? Sing a song to praise him, of course!

  • Valentine (6K) by Apache
      Tracy and Vachon thought they knew the risks. They thought their pre-planning would be sufficient. But neither one of them could have anticipated this.

  • Velvet And Silk (5K) by Charma Holle
      Sit back. Relax. Now close your eyes and imagine long, sleek, dark hair....

A Thing Of The Past
  • Lover's Heart (20K) by Jennifer Nieboer
      Spain, ca. 1527. A young mortal, bound for adventure in the New World, finds a reason to leave his heart behind.

  • The New Life (6K) by Apache
      Peru, ca. 1531. Whatever Vachon was expecting to find in the New World, it most certainly was not this.

  • Treasured Memories (10K) by Erika Wilson
      New York, ca. 1745. Dead men tell no tales ... or do they?

  • J.D. Do-Right (21K) by Jayel Wylie
      North America, ca. 1758. A young woman alone in a cold, cruel world — easy pickings; so, what's a red-blooded vampire to do?

  • NSFW: French Food (19K) by Jayel Wylie
      France, ca. 1794. There's something about war which attracts opportunists. And a particualarly bloody war such as the French Revolution certainly was no exception.

  • Mary Shelley (7K) by Jayel Wylie
      Italy, ca. 1818. "The event on which this fiction is founded has been supposed ... as not of impossible occurrence."

  • Diablo (34K) by Erika Wilson
      Spain, ca. early 1800s. A gypsy girl, a horse seemingly possessed by the devil, and a dark stranger. What more does a story need?

  • NSFW: Resting Here (30K) by Bonnie Pardoe
      England, ca. 1850s.  What's a body to do when the world has proclaimed it dead, only it's not quite ready to give up the ghost?

  • NSFW: 'Til Death (30K) by Bonnie Pardoe
      Western United States, ca. 1877. An uninvited wedding guest brings an unexpected gift.

  • Murder On The Overnight Express (64K) by Bonnie Pardoe
      Italy, ca. 1893. Vachon boards a train bound for Vienna.

  • NSFW: Michelangelo's David (15K) by Bonnie Pardoe
      Italy, ca. 1904. Vachon is in Florence on an auspicious evening.

  • Duende (16K) by Apache
      California, ca. 1966. A girl with a beat-up guitar meets a fellow musician of dubious character.

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