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Greg Kramer Who doesn't love a man in a hat and a motorcycle jacket?

On 8 April 2013, Greg Kramer passed away. Even though he had been battling cancer and HIV for years, he had been doing well recently and his death was unexpected to most, if not all, of his friends and loved ones. Greg had just authored a new adaptation of Sherlock Holmes in which he was to have played Inspector Lestrade; his fellow cast mates, deeply affected by his sudden death, have vowed to honour his life and his final work by going on with the show, as originally scheduled. The play will run from May 5 through May 26, 2013 at the Segal Centre in Montreal, and all performances will be dedicated to Greg Kramer, their beloved friend and highly esteemed colleague.

Greg is an irreplaceable asset to both the entertainment world and to the world at large. He is deeply missed by all lucky enough to know him or his work.

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The late, great Greg Kramer is a veteran of the stage and screen with many noteworthy -- some might say infamous -- roles under his belt. On television, he's portrayed Rip Rowdy in TALES FROM THE NEVERENDING STORY, Screed in FOREVER KNIGHT, and Mr. Murphy in ONCE A THIEF, to name a few. On stage, he has been even more diverse, having played everyone from the gruesome Gollum in T.R.R. Tolken's THE HOBBIT to the handsome hero Petruchio in William Shakespeare's THE TAMING OF THE SHREW. In 1994, DITCH, in which Greg played one of the men in the two-man play about the doomed Franklin expedition, won the Chalmer's Award; the other play in which he appeared that same year, TALES OF THE PARKSIDE, was nominate in the same category.

Kramer is a published author with numerous plays, novels, and short stories to his credit.  His first novel tHE pURSEMONGER oF fUGU was short-listed for the 1996 City of Toronto Book Awards.  In addition, he is a well-respected director of the stage, once garnering a Dora Award Nomination for THE PERSECUTION AND ASSASSINATION OF JEAN-PAUL MARAT AS PERFORMED BY THE INMATES OF THE ASYLUM AT CHARENTON UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE MARQUIS DeSADE.   [ "Have you seen it?  No, but I've read the title!" ]

But, let us not forget the man himself.  Kramer is an avid cruciverbalist, an accomplished pianist, an amazing magician, prestidigitator, graphic artist, and thaumaturgist -- just an all-round charming bloke.  What does a man with this much talent have to say?  "Use it or lose it!"  I say, it's a privilege to witness even a fraction of it!

Thank you, Greg Kramer, for sharing your multi-faceted talents and inspiring us to do whatever it is we can imagine.

(Thanks go to Miss Thornytwistle for her invaluable assistance.)

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