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The Rat Wot Kilt



Screed's Lady Luvs (?!)

Nat and ScreedScreed and Natalie Lambert? 
What would Nick think?         

Tracy and ScreedScreed and Tracy Vetter?      
What would Vachon think?      

Janette and ScreedScreed and Janette together?
What would the WORLD think?


Forever Sprites

        Sydney Lambert
        Natalie Lambert
        Lucien LaCroix
        Janette DuCharme
        Nicholas Knight
        Don Schanke
        Tracy Vetter
        The Inka
        Javier Vachon
        The Rat Wot Kilt Screed

        Brandon, the vampire slayer
        Bonnie, former Cousinly-Receptionist-In-Training and rats ass
        Libby, Second-In-Uncommand of the Ratpack
        Johnsie, Ratpack Uncommander
        Cousin McLisa, known accomplice
        Llamababe Bons, victim of Ratpack speciesism
(The Ratpackers and their known associates)

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