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Literary Works by Greg Kramer


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wally hogtown bonbons couchwarmer the pursemonger of fugu
(ISBN 1-896332-19-6) (ISBN 1-896332-11-0) (ISBN 1-896332-02-1) (ISBN 1-896332-00-5)
paperback, 312 pages paperback, 160 pages, 6 illustrations by the author paperback, 282 pages, cover illustration by Ian Phillips paperback, 424 pages, text illustrations by the author


couchwarmer cover wally

A tragedy in five acts.

   More about Wally Greene, the Man of the Gaff.
hogtown bonbons cover hogtown bonbons

A brightly hued collection of outrageous and unconventional confections.

   Hogtown Bonbons Book Reviews
couchwarmer cover couchwarmer: a laundromat adventure

A mad slosh through the underground world with Toronto's alternative, party crowd.

   Couchwarmer Book Reviews
pursemonger cover (14K) the pursemonger of fugu: a bathroom mystery

A bizzare and humorous murder-mystery set in the avante-garde art world of Toronto.

   Pursemonger Book Reviews

   Read Chapter One


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