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Murphy, Mr. Murphy Once A Thief, Now An Assassin

Once A Thief ... Now An Assassin

... Mr. Murphy ...

Known as The Cleaners, Mr. Murphy and his associate Mr. Camier are assassins often employed by a shadowy government agency in John Woo's 'Once A Thief'. According to the side of their spiffy, white van, The Cleaners were established in 1978 to take care of all cleaning needs. When it comes to the Agency, they specialize in making people permanently disappear like unwanted spots on the carpeting....

Among Mr. Murphy's prized possessions is a World War II vintage motorcycle which originally belonged to a close, male acquaintance of his dear Grandmama Murphy. The bike is all original, and he refuses to replace any of the components, even to do away with the occasional "bump-a-dee-bump," much to the annoyance of Mr. Camier, who is forced to ride shotgun in the cycle's sidecar.

But all work and no play certainly does make the Misters dull boys, so what does the pair do in their spare time?

Check out the Top Ten Hobbies of The Cleaners to find out.

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