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Ladies and Gentlemen, sod off!  It's the Ratpack....
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The Ratpack FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the Ratpack

'Cuz just like with an auto accident, you can't help but be curious!

Subscribe to the Ratpack Discussion List
Subscribe to the Ratpack Discussion List

A very friendly discussion list devoted to Screed and his portrayer Greg Kramer. Any and all admirers are welcome.

The Ratpacker Test
The Ratpacker Test

Are you a Ratpacker at heart? Can your lil' ratsie dreams of 'angin' wif Screedie come true? Take test, if you dare!

Screed Speak
A Screed To English Dictionary

H'a gewd-ta-go ta wot the 'ell Ol' Screed an' them live-loik-quealers h'are jammy-jammin' the rappin' h'about.


A guide to what-the-heck Screed and them Ratpackers are saying!

The Greg Kramer Fan Klub
The Greg Kramer Fan Klub

Wot? There's a fan klub for Greg Kramer? And they let Ratpackers join?

Yup! It's true. Come find out for yourself!

Pics of Libby and Greg
Pictures of Libby & Greg - together!

Yes, dreams do come true! Mine did! I dreamed that I would introduce Libby to the infamous Greg Kramer in a theatre in Canada.

I did. And here are the pictures to prove it.

The Ratpack's View Of LK
The Ratpack's View of Last Knight

Yeah, 'at's roit! The Ratpack's got o'pinenuts tew! Mighty fine ones at that! This 'ere's our o'pinenuts a Last Knight. :-b~~

A Ratpacker's Tails from the Cresent City Convention
A Convention Report

A Ratpacker's tail ... um, tale from the 1997 Crescent City Convention (mostly in English).

Other Links:

  • Send yer friends an Eeek Mail! Electronic e-mail postcards with adorable rodent-type themes. Don't be skerd. Just picture Screed in a frilly pink tu-tu and everything will be okay!

  • Read about the adventures of the Forever Knight Fans in the Forever Knight Fiction Wars:
    • War I: "A Call To Arms" -- (January 1994) wherein an frog-phobic Knightie calls Nick for help after receiving a package possibly containing her worst nightmare from two followers of LaCroix who think so much alike they must be cousins. War between the FK factions ensues.

    • War II: "Application Forthcoming" -- (July 1994) wherein mass defections from the Cousins begin to occur which causes LaCroix to steal Nick's fan mail and attempt to produce an alternate second season of FK in order to maintain the quantity of his ranks.

    • War III: "All Things Fun" -- (October 1994) wherein a fanfic writer is kidnapped and no one knows by whom or why.

    • War IV: "Coup D'Etat" -- (February 1995) wherein LaCroix buys the rights to FK and begins production on season three.

    • War V: "The Name Of The Game Is 'Chess'" -- (October 1995) wherein mention of Screed is made for the first time within a war.

    • War VI: "And This Time, It's Personal" -- (Winter of 1995/96) wherein the fans, using the planning and tactical capabilities they had honed during the previous five virtual FK wars, fought for the continuation of the Forever Knight series, eventually winning the production and airing of the remainder of the third season.

    • War VII: "Dead Man's Party" -- (July 1996) wherein the Ratpackers and the rest of the FK fandom gather in Toronto to put to rights what went so terribly wrong in the final episodes of the FK series!

    • War VIII: "Forever Friday Knight" -- (June 1997) wherein a rip in the Continuum of Time and Space transports many alternate universe versions of our intrepid FK characters to Toronto, much to the delight, distress, and confusion of the Ratpackers and other FK fans.

    • War IX: "Prepare Yourself ... It's Going To Be A Long Night...." -- (April 1998) wherein Natalie's vampire-research book has gone missing and the factions gather to find it before it falls into the wrong hands. Oh, and Greg Kramer makes a special guest appearance!

    • War X: "Winds Of War" -- (August 1999) wherein the FK vampires suddenly find themselves mortal! Which, of course, must be remidied.

    • War XI: "We Are Each Other" -- (July 2001) wherein the characters appear to be trading personalities.

    • War XII: "Romancing The Stone: It's Nothing To Sneeze At" -- (November 2004) wherein a fan buys a copy of the Mississauga Treaty from Blackwing and find mysterious text in the margins, which could mean a cure to vampirism is just a cryptic message away.

    • War XIII: "Dedicated To Susan Garratt" -- (October 2010) wherein all the clothing not currently being worn inexplicably starts to disappear all across Toronto.

    • War XIV: "The Unexpected Party" -- (January 2013) wherein clues to a treasure hunt are laid. What is hidden? Who has hidden it? Who has been leaving clues? And could any of it have anything to do with the upcoiming first-full-moon of the year?
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