. . . The RatPack Test . . .

INSTRUCTIONS: Give yourself a shiny-shiny ratsie point for every question yew say 'aye' to. See if yer a ratsie-type at the end.

  1. Yew feel most comfy-like in dark, secure abodes like the walls o' Merc Central or the kitchen cabinets o' NA's Jeweled Peach.

  2. Whenever yew 'ave x-tra cash, yew 'ave an urge tew go tew Las Vegas.

  3. Yew enjoy 'elpin' other factions -- for a price.

  4. Whenever sumpthin's missin', yew get asked where it is.

  5. Yew spend 'ours at the computer, not because o'e-mail or web surfin', but cuz the monitor is all brightn' shiny!!!!

  6. Yew think bald is beautiful.

  7. Seein' a rat run across the floor makes yew 'ungry.

  8. Yewr idea o' a 'ot date is taking 'im or 'er tew the swap meet to sell 'is or 'er jewelry.

  9. Yewr jammy-jam can't be understood by anyone but udder Ratpackers.

And the numero uno reason 'ow tew tell if yer o' a Ratsie sort is:

  1. Yew don't care wot members o' udder factions think about the Ratpack cuz it's prolly true!!!!


1-3 ratsie points: Did yew unnerstand the questions? Your eyes glazed over, yew started mumbling to yerself, and yew still wonder what 'jammy-jam' means.
4-6 ratsie points: Yew might be a ratsie type, but yew ain't gonna admit it, you wanna join one a them fancy-type factions, dontcha?
7-9 ratsie points: You're a Ratpacker, see 'ere, and them udder fancy-type factions 're too uppity-up fer yew.
10 ratsie points: Yew not only unnerstood these 'ere questions, yew can say 'em wit the right accent an all. But yew prolly didn't read this far, tests are fer them strict types.


This test 'ere, see, it ain't right fer ratsie types. No, tests 're too uppity-strict, yeah, and ratsies wot can call 'emselves ratsies ain't too uppity-strict 'nuff totake these 'ere tests ... Wot? Wot's the Bonus question? Uhh, right. Ooh, a shiny shiny thingy....

By Knightie Jenn (with loads a 'elp from Libby)

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