'Ere's a gift tew yew from us over on the Ratpackersn' Friends O' The Ratpack (FoRp) Jammy-JamLoopdy Loop.

A be-oo-tee-ful 2ple



  1. Nat luvs them sailor men.

  2. No need ta worry 'bout dressin' up on dates.

  3. Everyday's a gud 'air day fer Screed.

  4. One word: Speedos wit the FK Logocross-stitched 'cross the bum.

  5. Screed knows 'ow ta bicker a bar-gain at swapmeets.

  6. Natalie luvs rubbin' lotion on Screed's dome.

  7. Baby food jars take up less room than winebottles.

  8. On the prac-ti-cal sidies, juicy squeakers areeasier to get than moo krovvy.

  9. She kin get e-ter-nity if she wants, 'e gets all thelab rats 'e kin drain.

  10. No beau-ti-ful, sophy-si-cated fromer luver waitin'in the wings.

  11. Screed knows 'ow ta lay low when she's in "oneo' those moods."

  12. Natalie luvs the op-portunity ta research virii in thesewers.

  13. Screed treats ladies proper (even if she doesn'talways apprey-ate the gifts).

  14. Three words: Viva Las Vegas.

  15. Nat would never need an exterm-i-nator.

  16. Screed's more kewl a dude than Nick ever kin 'opeta be.

  17. Screed ain't gonna angst o'er the relationship.

  18. Natalie's fiesty, jest 'ow Screed likes 'is wenches.

  19. No vengeful master wot's gonna get even ferterri-ble past wrongsie-wongsies.

An' the NUMBER 1 reason Nat n' Screedy oughta is:

    Nick's never gonna!!!!

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