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hogtown bonbons

Six loosely connected stories - by the author of the pursemonger of fugu and Couchwarmer - chronicle queer, urban life through the seasons and high holidays. Greg Kramer's Day-Glo chronicle of a motley collection of humanity -- including a gaggle of club kids, a renegade temp, a weary dominatrix, a humpy dental-assistant, an amnesiac dyke, and a sugar-charged terror -- ricochets from high farce to realism, and back again.

hogtown bonbons was originally serialized in Xtra! (Toronto) between June 1998 and June 1999.

"If such stories are bonbons, then they're a fizz candy that erupts in your mouth. As their chemicals balloon and writhe, you find yourself surpressing a pleasant, embarrassed laugh."
-- Noel Rieder, Hour magazine (Montreal)

"A master of hallucinatory humour and effervescent insights."
-- Globe and Mail

"Full of insight and affection ... Canadian gays and lesbians will see themselves reflected in Kramer's richly imagined characters."
-- Quill & Quire

"My body throbs with disgust. Does yours not also?"
-- Georgia Straight

"A great collection of vignettes ... a book populated by colourful characters on the fringes of big-city life -- with sprinkles of Thomas De Quincey and William Burroughs."
-- Globe and Mail

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