The Artist formerly known as Screed (27K)

by greg kramer

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"A novel conducted in fifth gear, with the sound of screeching tires always in the distance drowned out only by the sound of screeching lesbians and drag queens."
-- Elizabeth Renzetti, The Globe and Mail

"'Couchwarmer' is a vein-popping, high-octane look at fast-paced life in the underground, with some very clever plot twists, some very bitter humour, and pills, pills, pills. ...The novel thrums to the techno-alternative drum and the bass-trip heartbeat of this city. ...A celebration of the frenzied, puke-encrusted, bleeding edge of life."
-- Andrew Moodie, The Globe and Mail

"An amorality that defies description. ...It is astounding that Kramer, with deceptively easy strokes, succeeds in painting this story in day-glo colours, without sacrificing subtly. The fact that the book holds together, never threatening to crumble, is nothing short of fantastic. 'Couchwarmer' challenged my expectations and elicited an emotional reaction that took me completely by surprise. (I even cried at the end.)"
-- Kerwin McLeister, Xtra! Magazine

"Forget Thomas Pynchon. Forget 'Last Exit to Brooklyn.' Kramer mythologizes a new nation of anti-heroes and, if nothing else, he deserves a (dis)Order of Canada for proving we can harbour disaffection as well as anyone else. ...This tale of intersexuality and narcotic conspiracies, drawing the reader archly, gleefully, into events we might reassess as repulsive only in hindsight. This is Kramer's gift: the logic of each character appears weirdly unassailable and whole, only to be smashed apart by the next one who takes up the narrative. ...'Couchwarmer's' rewards remind us that humanity comes bearing all kinds of labels."
-- John Burns, Quill and Quire

"Kramer's Cherry worth plucking ... with his acid tongue, gleefully sick sense of fun and warped imagination. We like it."
-- NOW Magazine

"The depth of this adventure's frantic breakneck race through the underground is ultra-remarkable. Greg Kramer's second novel is a murky, continuous volley of action and unpredictability. ...Mr. Kramer's almost impossibly letter-perfect turns of phrase are eclipsed only by his inexhaustible supply of them. 'Couchwarmer' is a carnival of spiritual advancement, an Alice's Adventure Through the Glitterball, with Lady Luck either squashing you flat or handing you a flashlight."
-- Doug Wallace, Motion Magazine

"Combining bizarre coincidence, gender-bending mystery, bingo, and a cast of colourful denizens of Toronto's nocturnal underground, author-actor-director Greg Kramer has concocted a witty, fast-paced adventure with more tangents than a Tom Robbins novel, as much camp as a John Waters movie, and enough plot twists for an Elmore Leonard story. ...Beneath all the colour, noise, and fashion accessories is a thoughtful story about tolerance, fate, and the Changing Times We Live In. After reading 'Couchwarmer,' you may never look at a Scratch 'N' Win ticket the same way again."
-- Shawn Conner, The Georgia Straight

"Kramer takes on his subject matter in such a way that profanity becomes as much a part of poetry and art as any convention of literature. ...You're laughing your way through most of this book. Kramer never loses that needed touch of hope and humour."
-- D.S. Barrett, id magazine

eww! (3K)
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