the pursemonger of fugu
by greg kramer

"There hasn't been a murder this gruesome since P.D. James pumped caustic down the lavage tube in 'Death of a Nightingale.' ...A writer to watch."
-- The Globe and Mail

"Who is this Greg Kramer guy anyway? The illegitimate offspring of Agatha Christie and William Burroughs? ...This novel is a glittering cultural bouillabaisse that manages to be at least two completely different things at the same time. It's an old-fashioned, skull-cracking puzzle mystery, a la John Dickson Carr, and simultaneously a Generation X-based excursion into the noir-ish world of sex, drugs, and performance art. It's also wittily nasty, viciously insightful, and with an amphetamine-based pace. ...Great book."
-- Noah Stewart, The Mystery Merchant

"'The pursemonger of fugu' not only heralds the arrival of an exiting new writer, but it is also the debut of Canadian super-sleuth Adelaide Simcoe. Greg Kramer, whom I've always suspected of being a stark-raving-sane genius, provides the book with a compelling vernacular all its own. Hilarious, cruel, witty, and licentious."
-- Donna Lypchuk, Eye Magazine

"'Ten Little Indians' meets 'Valley of the Dolls.'"
-- Venue Magazine

"A hilarious romp through the art underworld of Toronto ... whom Kramer depicts with a keen and insightful eye. ...Kramer manages to make every suspect so sympathetic that cracking the case is impossible until all the clues are out of the bag. The ride along with Adelaide and her sidekick, D'Arcy McCaul, is engaging and pleasantly puzzling in this fast-paced, page-turning whodunit."
-- Carla Lucchetta, Quill and Quire

"Greg Kramer's eccentric ensemble of characters and his amphetamine-driven style steal the show. ...It's not often we get to see alternative art culture portrayed from the inside with such comfortable authority and easy humour."
-- Jerry Horton, Xtra! Magazine

"Please feel free to quote me as saying anything that will promote the sales of this excellent book."
-- Quentin Crisp, One of England's Stately Homos

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